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Jazz - 2007/04/17 - 12:23
Post subject: Nottingham Poznan Theatrical Exchange Programme
Ania wrote: 

The theatre exchange programme is desgned to consolidate the links between
Nottingham and Polish town of Poznan through the exchange of performances
and cultural activities. The programme is aimed particularly at those unable
to exercise such talents because of adverse circumstance.

The Polish exchange programme was a huge success and NANDA expects to
continue with its ties with Poznan.

During the week of the Programme both the performances given and the
workshops staged gave special emphasis on the development of the technical
skills required by performers; as well as giving the audience a visual
experience not hampered by the constraints of language. The last couple of
days saw the group attending workshops with performers from the Arts Theatre
that culminated in a joint performance on Tuesday evening.

We all enjoyed the week and look forward to working together in the future!

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