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Jazz - 2006/11/23 - 13:33
Post subject: Elaps Awards 2007
Elaps Awards 2007

As you may all be aware there are the Elaps awards presented every year at
the AGM. The awards are The Percy Akehurst Award for Off Stage Achievements
and The Nicci Dinni Award for On Stage Achievements.

These awards are measured by the input of the 3 directors for 2006 which
will be: Jarrod on behalf of Juniors, Nicky Spencer on behalf of Rumours
and Sonya on behalf of Aladdin. As well as an overall aspect taking into
account by myself and any other feedback provided by members of the group.
So, now is the chance to have your say.

If you'd like to nominate someone for an award, please do so now stating the
exact reasons why you think they should be considered. You can reach me at:

Decisions will be made by 10th December 2007.

Many thanks for all your hard work and input throughout the year, without
you its members, Elaps and the fun theatre group we have created couldn't

Best of luck to you all,

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