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Jazz - 2006/11/15 - 21:07
Post subject: Elaps Members Competition
Elaps Members Competition
There will be a grand prize (that no-one knows about) awarded at the AGM next January to the member who contributes the most to the website (myself excluded).
Ideally I would like people to post any bugs they find (which could be error messages appearing, or things not working as you might expect them too) in the bugs forum and/or suggestions in the suggestion forum.

The rules are quite simple:

1) To enter the competition all you have to do is vote yes in the poll attached to this topic, then start posting.
2) Suggestions/Observations/Other contributions must be made on the website.
Please don't tell me in person or send me emails either. The idea is that it's all about the website.
3) Don't point out what someone else has already pointed out.
This should be easily avoided if it's all done on the site though.

The competition starts now, 15th November and ends 3rd January before the AGM on the 4th.

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