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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
By Graeme on 22 Apr 2018 15:00

Little Voice
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Rapunzel - A pantomime by Annette McQuillan
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Message for Juniors
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Blithe Spirit
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Unsung Hero Award
By Graeme on 19 Nov 2016 11:29

Snow Queen Important Information
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Pantomime Poster
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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
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Cinderella has been cast Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/08/03 - 00:54 By Jazz
Show Cinderella has now been cast, the cast is as follows:

Cinderella Eleanor B
Prince Larissa
Buttons Celestine
Dandini Richard
Producer Jarrod
Director Nicky Doherty
PC Sonya
Fairy Lesley Hesk
Umbrage Gill
Alf Paul
Sefty Jo Weston
Salmonella Kevin G
Diptheria Kevin S
Dobbin Tom H + Nadia
Handymen Phil B + Shaun
Teletubbies Emma Jarman + Emily Beach

The Very Important Villagers are also split up dependent on the scene:

Scene 1

1: Tom B
2: Martin B
3: Eleanor T
4: Lois
5: Mary
6: Patricia

Scene 4

6: Lauren B

Scene 7

1: Bethan
2: Daisy
3: Eleanor G

Scene 9 (singing with Cinderella)

1: Bethan
2: Daisy
3: Eleanor G

Act 2 Scene 1

1: Tom B
2: Mary
4: Lillie
5: Sally H
6: Lauren M

Act 2 Scene 6

1: Tom B
2: Sophie F
3: Eleanor T
4: Sally H
5: Mary
6: Patricia

There are even more roles:

The "scissor handlers"

Lucy W, Abbie, Eilish H


Lucy W, Christopher B, Amber F, Bradley, Barney + Others.

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned.
The rehearsal dates are all on the Calendar up to the show itself, including the 6 Sundays and the dress rehearsal the Tuesday of the show week.

Be sure to keep checking this site for updates, there will be plenty more to come.

Additionally, I have attached a MS Excel file of the schedule

cinderella schedule 260607.xls
 Description:  Schedule, updated 1st Aug 07
 Filename:  cinderella schedule 260607.xls
 Filesize:  32.5 KB
 Downloaded:  913 Time(s)

Audition Pieces for CINDERELLA (Not quite a pantomime) Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/07/02 - 12:49 By HayleyMa
News Cinderella is now online (thanks to Jarrod).

We've only a 2 weeks until our first audition (19th July, 26th July and 2nd August) and this will now give all our members the chance to read our pantomime and also decide in advance of first audition what parts they would like to audition for. When you've made your mind up, the following are a list of audition pages for the different parts.

Pages 4 to 5
Prince, Dandini, Very Important Villagers 1-6

Page 6

Page 12
Handymen (mime audition required)

Pages 13 to 15
Salmonella, Diptheria (Ugly Sisters)

Pages 15 to 17
Cinderella, Buttons, Fairy Godmother,

Pages 17 to 19
Director, Producer, PC, Alf, Sefty

Non Speaking Parts of Footmen and Chorus will be discussed on all 3 auditions.

Dobbin (2 people a front and a back) will be required to do a very small audition routine to "born to be Wild", Dobbin will need to be played by energetic individuals who don't mind getting a bit sweaty. This can be practised by individuals before the audition dates or in the back room on any of the audition nights before being shown to the producer. All that is required is a 30 second routine to show co-ordination and energy in working together.

Audition Songs:
Ugly Sisters/Buttons - Wheels on the BUS (Audience Involvement Song)
Cinderella/prince - Summer nights (from Grease)
Producer - Hey big spender or wham bam I am your man (song - depending on who is auditioning)
Umbrage - Depending on who auditions for this part there is a potential for a song but this will be determined at the time of auditions and who is auditioning.

If you have any questions at all, or can't make auditions please call me Hayley on: 01509 852364

Thanks to you all...

Cinderella Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/06/19 - 15:26 By Jean
News There will be a production meeting on 27th June, 8.00 pm in the Nags Head. Anyone is welcome to come along and share their ideas or suggestions. Please come along if you are interested in helping out with the production of Cinderella. Hope to see you there.


After the show, the carnival! Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/05/31 - 12:07 By sue
News The three one-act plays are done and dusted. For ELAPs Juniors, this was the first time that they had been integrated into ELAPs' Spring production, repeating their award-winning performance of Tom Stoppard's abridgement of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. The increase in their self-esteem and confidence as they took to the stage in the Village Hall was inestimable.

Several of the youngsters have told us that their teachers have recommended that they join ELAPs to get the experience and the fun of working in amateur theatre - a fantastic accolade for the group.

Gill Bowness, not quite repeating the role that she had in Play On! two years' ago, was overwhelmed by the reception of her first play, 'Hindsight', which was the second feature of the evening. Starting at the end and working backwards, the two-handed play traced the course of a doomed love affair, matching the course of the relationship with the year's seasons. 'Hindsight' has reached the final of NANDA's Playwriting Competition to be held at Radcliffe On Trent Village Hall on 7th July 2007, the 60th birthday of NANDA, and has been entered into NANDA's One Act Festival at the The Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton on 17th June 2007.

Finally, we had a hugely enjoyable black comedy, 'Miss Glossop's Weekend Break,' to send the audience home chuckling. Some of the double entendres only became apparent to me, as Mrs Jarvis, once I was up on stage and in front of an audience. I have to confess that I broke one of the cardinal rules of theatre, and had to try and conceal my laughter. I was supposed to play it straight! Maybe I'll do better tonight.

But there's no time for a breather. We shall be straight into planning entertainment for East Leake Carnival. This year, we actually have an entire float to ourselves for the parade. It's all hush-hush, and I'm not being told what the theme is, so you'll just have to go out to join the throng on June 23rd, to find out.

And once the carnival is over, the summer workshops, which we use as a preparation for the December production, will begin. On June 28th, Sue Hutton will be leading a workshop in improvisation, aiming to encourage creative performance and interaction with other players. On July 5th and 12th, we welcome the return of Julia Gaunt, a professional voice coach who has links with the Leicester College of Performing Arts, and the Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama in Nottingham, and Zak (we only know him as Zak!). Julia will be giving tips on vocal technique, and Zak will be opening our eyes to business and characterisation on stage.

That's it for today. Check out www.elaps.co.uk for information and to drop us a line. You can come to meet us every Thursday in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome.

Award winning Juniors front Spring production Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/04/30 - 16:29 By sue
News Be sure to come and watch the award-winning ELAPs Juniors in their abridged version of Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice', by Tom Stoppard.

The Juniors' performance starts off ELAPs' Spring production of three one-act plays taking place in East Leake Village Hall at 7.30pm, Thursday 17th, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May.

Starring Ellie Bowness as Shylock, and Larissa Oates as Portia, both highly commended for their acting at this year's NANDA (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Drama Association) Youth Theatre Festival last Saturday, the cast of 20 aged from 7 to 17, won plaudits from the adjudicator for their creative, disciplined and mature interpretation of the language. Essentially, they brought the play alive.

Which is why the adjudicator, Jill Gautrey, gave her special prize to the group as an ensemble for successfully tackling a challenging piece of theatre. George Hutton played Antonio, Max Carter Bassanio, Tom Burrows Graziano, Tom Hind Lorenzo, Jessica McVay Nerissa, Nadia Oates Jessica, Bethan Roberts Launcelot Gobbo and Joe Spencer was both Tubal and the Duke of Venice. In her summing up, the adjudicator said that the actors had established their characters and relationships very well, even in the smaller parts such as Solario (Daisy Johnston) and Salerio (Patricia Gregory). Sonya Oates was the director and Jean Makin the producer.

The second play of the evening, 'Hindsight', has been written by Gill Bowness, an ELAPs member since 2002. This is Gill's first venture into writing a complete play, although she has done short pieces before. Starring Hayley Masom and Keith Benedict, the play examines the blossoming and withering of an affair in harmony with the year's seasons. 'Hindsight' is being entered into NANDA's playwright of the year competition in July, and the company is certain that it will do well.

The evening concludes with a black comedy, 'Miss Glossop's Weekend Break.' Miss Glossop is a meddling amateur sleuth, rather in the style of Miss Marple, except that she misses some key clues. The cast includes Meg Dowdeswell as Miss Glossop, Steve Fordyce as Alan, the hotel manager, Nicky Spencer as his wife Margaret, Richard Hesk as Jean-Pierre the chef, Ania Roberts as an extremely tempting Russian hotel waitress, Kevin Spencer as Derek, a private investigator, Mandy Randall as Linda, Derek's secretary, hoping vainly for a romantic weekend, Jarrod Makin as Detective Sergeant Watkins, and finally, Sue Hutton as Mrs Jarvis, described at one point as, 'the idiot that some village lost!'

Both 'Hindsight' and 'Miss Glossop's Weekend Break' are being directed jointly by Gill Bowness and Gerry Wilson, their first foray into direction. Gisela Petschler is the producer.

Tickets are 5 or 3.50 for concessions, from East Leake Village Post Office, and The Olde Bakehouse in Main Street, East Leake.

ELAPs had an outstanding night at the Sixth Salute to Pantomime at Guthlaxton Community College in Wigston on 24th March, winning one award and being nominated in five categories overall, for last December's production of Aladdin. To cap it all, the company came joint second overall in the contest for the Blue Balloon Award, equal with Wycliffe Drama Group.

Mike Barclay won the award for best young actor, for his performance as the genie of the lamp.

Additional accolades went to Gerry Wilson and Jason Billin for set design, Emma Heath for choreography, Hayley Masom for best supporting female role, and Larissa Oates for Principal Boy. Larissa had also been this year's winner of our own Nikki Dinnie award for on-stage achievement.