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Message for Juniors
By Graeme on 20 Apr 2017 20:47

Blithe Spirit
By Graeme on 16 Apr 2017 10:00

Unsung Hero Award
By Graeme on 19 Nov 2016 11:29

Snow Queen Important Information
By Graeme on 18 Nov 2016 10:00

By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:58

Pantomime Poster
By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:56

By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:50

By Graeme on 15 Oct 2016 17:15

Leicestershire and Rutland Drama Festival
By Graeme on 14 Sep 2016 10:28

By Keith on 08 May 2016 11:47

Jub%20day - 014

Babes2 - 012

Tttt - 055
Pictures from the 3rd show, Tiptoe Through The Tombstones
Blithe Spirit
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message from Nottingham Central Library Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2012/09/16 - 20:12 By Graeme
News There are 2 events in September linking with Nottingham Playhouse which may be of interest to you.

We have been asked by Nottingham Central Library to publicise these to our members.

A Day in the Life of a Set Designer - in one hour.
Tim Meacock, the designer on the show The importance of Being Ernest currently playing at Nottingham Playhouse, will talk through how he decides how a production will look and feel. This includes designing the set, how it will work practically when it is used by actors and designing the costumes and props for the show. Tim will talk through how does what he does - from the moment he gets offered the job to opening noght. A thrilling insight into the real work behind the scenes of a huge production. You'll never look at a set in the same way again.
Tuesday 18 September at 7.00pm
Nottingham Central Library
Tickets available from the Ground Floor Help Desk
0115 9152825

Booze, Bust-ups and the Beautiful Game.
To celebrate the forthcoming new play Diary of a Football Nobody, join us for an hour of lively conversation with former Notts County football player and acclaimed Nottinghamshire writer William Ivory (Made in Dagenham, Women in Love,& Bert and Dickie)
Thursday 27 September at 7.00pm
Nottingham Central Library
Tickets are FREE
Booking is essential. To book your ticket visit the Floor 1 helpesk, call 0115 9152873 oe email

Thank you
Dorothy Ritchie.
Information & ICT Teams
Libraries & Information Services
Department for Communities
Local Studies Library.
Floor 1
Nottingham Central Library.

ELAPS GOT TALENT Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2012/08/24 - 12:19 By Sharon
News Hi Everyone

Not long now before the BIG night

Elaps GOT Talent

We really would love you all to have a go – IT doesn’t matter
What you do. Let’s just have fun
Sing – magic show – get your friend and do a small act
Play an instrument.



I can’t get down next Thursday but you can contact me by email
or call 07812 652490

ELAPS GOT TALENT Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2012/06/13 - 11:44 By Sharon
News Hi everyone
Last year’s social event, ELAP’s GOT TALENT, was a great success, so we’re planning to repeat it this year and hope that you will all join in once again for another super night!

As last year, there will be four independent judges (yet to be decided), a buffet and bring your own drinks.

To get the ball rolling this year, we’re looking to start the show with an act that won’t be judged so if you can get a group together to open the evening let me know.

Family and friends are welcome, so make it a fantastic get together!

The Village Hall has been booked for Saturday 29 September, so make sure you put it in your diary and start rehearsing!!!!!!


Let Her Rip Cast Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2012/01/27 - 19:09 By Shaunf
News Message from Shaun .Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Let her Rip. I know some may be disappointed but you all did exceptionally well and Annette and I had a hard decision to make.

The cast is as follows.

Frank Connor
Rosebud Maia
Ada Lily
Desiree Rosie
Peggy Erin
Sarah Heather
Emily Hannah
Dancer/ Carnival worker/Club manager Eton

Let Her Rip Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2012/01/15 - 10:30 By Shaunf
News From Shaun To All JJs ,

Thanks for all who came along on Thursday it was good fun. We have selected a play called "Let Her Rip" which we will read through on Thursday, audition pieces will be available for auditions the following week.