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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
By Graeme on 22 Apr 2018 15:00

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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
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Nottingham Poznan Theatrical Exchange Programme Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/04/17 - 12:23 By Jazz
Ania wrote: 

The theatre exchange programme is desgned to consolidate the links between
Nottingham and Polish town of Poznan through the exchange of performances
and cultural activities. The programme is aimed particularly at those unable
to exercise such talents because of adverse circumstance.

The Polish exchange programme was a huge success and NANDA expects to
continue with its ties with Poznan.

During the week of the Programme both the performances given and the
workshops staged gave special emphasis on the development of the technical
skills required by performers; as well as giving the audience a visual
experience not hampered by the constraints of language. The last couple of
days saw the group attending workshops with performers from the Arts Theatre
that culminated in a joint performance on Tuesday evening.

We all enjoyed the week and look forward to working together in the future!

Pantomime Alliance of Leicester Awards Night 2007 Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/03/25 - 20:10 By HayleyMa
News What a fantastic night was shared by everyone who attended the Sixth Salute to Pantomime at Guthlaxton Community College in Wigston.

The night was hosted by Matt Wesson from the Blue Balloon Company (he mentioned this several times during the evening, its a web site full of panto scripts....note to all forthcoming directors and producers). We kicked off with extracts from the Leicestershire world of pantomimes.

Well done especially to Jarrod, Gill, Celestine and Lesley who waited in the wings whilst the first 3 groups performed and came on in true style and character for our favouritest panto song ever...The song that goes like this. We cheered, the audience laughed and Madge cried (as she does every time its performed). Gill and Jarrod did a fantastic job filling a massive stage with their ballad whilst Celly and Lesley got up to their naughty choreographied antics in the background. We were all really, really proud to see you performing for Elaps on this momentus occassion. Well done!

Oh yes, it was momentus indeed.......after another 4 panto extracts, there was a brilliant panto cow dance where a 2 person cow (you know the pantomime type) did a full legs in the air rolly polly (hhmm can we do that on our stage) to the sound of "Shout". This was followed by a 20 minute interval and a fantastic endless finger buffet (how do they put all that food on for 1.00 a head?). We then settled back in our chairs in nervous anticipation of the awards.

Our compere's began, the first Gold envelope was read....it was Set Design and the first nominations were Geri Wilson and Jason Billin...well, we couldn't contain ourselves. First award nominations and we were at the top of the list, the adrenalin started pumping at that point and the excitment began. Our first nomination for the evening.

It then came to the Dancing Award and Emma Heaths name was read out for our choreography. Nomination number 2. OK if it all ends here, we've done as well as last year...but it didn't stop there!

One of the new awards for this year was the best supporting role (female), and the name out of the bag was Me...Hayley Masom, Nomination Number 3...yippee we've beaten last years!

Then the Best young person in an acting role, last to be read out was Mike Barclay...fantastic, nomination number 4 and the winner of the award was........MIKE BARCLAY.......what brilliant fantastic news our first real award...well done Mike you really deserve it and we know you were'nt there but when Sonya went up to recieve it on your behalf we felt so very, very proud.

Then came Best Principle Boy and Larissa Oates was nominated, thus proving a worthy winner of our Nikki Dinnie award. I turned to look at Larissa she too was blushing and I know feeling that same pumping rush I had minutes earlier. Nomination number 5!

What a night, we were all so very proud of ourselves, everyone was gleaming at each other waving fingers in the air going 5, 5 nominations.

Then they took centre stage for the very last award the Blue Balloon Trophy for Pantomime of the Year. There were 3 nominations, and normally they announce a third, second and first for the trophy. But they couldn't decide on the 2nd and 3rd place so had decided to call it a joint 2nd and that went to...........ELAPS!!! OK so we shared the glory with Wycliffe Drama Group I have to mention this incase anyone from the Alliance is reading this, but what absolute fantastic news all round for us.

There we were just going along, hoping for a repeat performance of 2 nominations and we had SIX nominations in total, 1 Award and a 2nd overall in the competition...HOW GREAT IS THAT.

For all you guys out there that helped in making Aladdin an award winning nomination show WELL DONE. A special well done to Sonya Oates as its a real reflection on what a great leader and director she has been for the show and its something that truly shows the skills and ability of our little group. A group that undoubted has the smallest stage in the county, but the biggest heart and the greatest bunch of people making it all happen.

Oh yes, at this point I guess I should mention the winners who were Duckpond Players performing an original script entitled "Shoe". They were nominated for light/sound, Original script (which they won), Best animal the cat (which they won) and Best comedy Duo (which they won ).

Our joint 2nd place was with Wycliffe who were nominated in original script, Singing (which they won), Supporting Male Role - Wishy/Washy (which they won), best animal, Comedy Duo, Dame (which they won) and Villain.

An excellent night for everyone....so don't forget to let Jean or myself know if you're thinking of the panto this year and want the adrenalin rush of the stage, our audiences and a potential nomination and maybe even an award for 2008!....

Workshops 2007 Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/03/08 - 10:12 By HayleyMa
News Elaps Workshops 2007

Each Year Elaps holds workshops to assist in developing or introducing new skills. These workshops are aimed at all of our existing members as well as new members. It is important that we all learn and develop ourselves, none of us are perfect and we all have areas of weakness onstage and off. Mine is accents! I'm useless at sustaining them and differentiating between Liverpool and Newcastle!

During last years workshops we were very fortunate to have outside professionals come in and run these courses, and we are hoping to have the same thing happen this year. The courses were great and we had some excellent feedback from you all.

The workshops are key for the new Directors and Producers of the Pantomime as they also provide an insight to peoples skills, abilities and progression.

Please put these dates firmly in your diaries for 2007 we look forward to seeing all our usual faces as well as any new members.

Thursday 28th June 7:30pm Village Hall
Thursday 5th July 7:30pm Village Hall
Thursday 12th July 7:30pm Village Hall

If you're that experienced that you don't need the workshops, let us know, you may be able to run one and share your valuable information!!

See you there,


2007 Plans Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/01/14 - 15:47 By Jazz
News Hello everyone and welcome to elaps in 2007, (and apologies for not sending this out last week).
Only a fortnight into the year and already we know we have quite a busy year ahead.

For the first time ever we will be performing three different show in May ... all on the same days! 17-19th May
Elaps juniors will perform at both the Nanda youth festival and the Village Hall.
Elaps juniors will be performing Shakespeare's "The merchant of venice", details on the Nanda performance dates are yet to be finalised but look like they will be either the last weekend in April or the first in May. The venue will be either 2005's Robin Hood theatre, or the Nottingham Arts Theatre.
Good luck to everyone involved.

The other two May performances are as follows:
Hindsight. A one-act play for two people - written by our very own Gill Bowness
Another one-act play yet to be decided, 5-10 people.
All three performances will be taking place on the above dates and will also be entered into Nanda's one-act play competition.

Other things to look forward to include,

6th 'Salute to Pantomime' Competition - 2006-2007
The 6th 'Salute to Pantomime' Competition will run through the 2006-07 season.
The 'Blue Balloon' trophy will be awarded to the pantomime of the year and there will be other categories in the competition as in previous years.
The 'Salute to Pantomime' awards will be presented by the Mayor of Oadby and Wigston at South Wigston High School on Saturday 24th March 2007.
See here for the arrangements as they are available.
Myself and Gill will be performing at the festival, singing "The song that goes like this"

3rd East Leake Carnival 23rd June 2007
Once again there's a great day in the planning and Elaps will be involved in the entertainment.
For the first time ever we will be in the parade on a float rather than on foot.
The overall theme of the parade is countries and we hope to go as Greece (or should I say Grease - The musical).

Elaps for Elaps 22nd September 2007
Another evening of fun where the members of elaps do the performing ... to the other members.

Playwriting competition 07/07/07
Anyone can enter, and this year "Hindsight" will be entered into the competition.

Elaps December Pantomime 6-8 Dec 07
To be directed by Hayley

Keep your eyes peeled to the website for more info on all the above as the year progresses

Elaps Awards 2007 Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2006/11/23 - 13:33 By Jazz
News Elaps Awards 2007

As you may all be aware there are the Elaps awards presented every year at
the AGM. The awards are The Percy Akehurst Award for Off Stage Achievements
and The Nicci Dinni Award for On Stage Achievements.

These awards are measured by the input of the 3 directors for 2006 which
will be: Jarrod on behalf of Juniors, Nicky Spencer on behalf of Rumours
and Sonya on behalf of Aladdin. As well as an overall aspect taking into
account by myself and any other feedback provided by members of the group.
So, now is the chance to have your say.

If you'd like to nominate someone for an award, please do so now stating the
exact reasons why you think they should be considered. You can reach me at:

Decisions will be made by 10th December 2007.

Many thanks for all your hard work and input throughout the year, without
you its members, Elaps and the fun theatre group we have created couldn't

Best of luck to you all,