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Rapunzel - A pantomime by Annette McQuillan
By Graeme on 12 Nov 2017 17:20

Message for Juniors
By Graeme on 20 Apr 2017 19:47

Blithe Spirit
By Graeme on 16 Apr 2017 09:00

Unsung Hero Award
By Graeme on 19 Nov 2016 11:29

Snow Queen Important Information
By Graeme on 18 Nov 2016 10:00

By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:58

Pantomime Poster
By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:56

By Graeme on 06 Nov 2016 18:50

By Graeme on 15 Oct 2016 16:15

Leicestershire and Rutland Drama Festival
By Graeme on 14 Sep 2016 09:28

Babes3 - 046

Gosforth's féte - 022

Panto2 - 002

Rapunzel - A pantomime by Annette McQuillan
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Sing a Song of Sixpence Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2015/05/18 - 13:25 By Graeme
Coming in December.....

A Pantomime by Norman Robbins

Audition Pieces For It Runs In The Family Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2008/01/14 - 23:09 By Nicky
Show Auditions for It Runs in the Family, our Spring production will be held on Thursday 17th January 19.30.

Anyone who is interested in this play but doesn't yet have a script should contact me asap and I will try to get one to you, or just turn up on Thursday to see whats what!

Detailed below are the audition pieces for each part

David: p8-11 (David: "My fellow neurologists" to David: "If you had done that eighteen and a half years ago ...")
Jane: As David
Hubert: p17-20 (Rosemary: "You weren't as nervous ..." to David: " And we obviously discovered ...")
Rosemary: As Hubert
Drake: p7-8 (David: "Good morning Sir Willoughby" to Drake: "Five minutes!")
Mike: p2-4 (Mike: "I'll carve the turkey..." to Mike: "No I've more important things ...")
Matron: P22-23 (Matron: "Excuse me Dr Mortimore ..." to Matron: "A varicose condition ...")
Sister: As Matron
Bill: p58-61 (Bill: "I say, isn't this fun?" to Hubert: "A small one")
Sergeant: As Bill
Leslie/Lesley: p24-25 (Leslie: "Is this the doctor's common room?" to just before Matron enters)
Mother: p78-79 (Mother: "Where's Hubert?" to Mother: "I don't want to go to the bathroom...")


Liven up your desktop Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/11/23 - 21:37 By Jazz
Show Tired of your desktop background?
Want something to brighten up your PC?
Why not have this colourful collection of characters as your wallpaper

If you click the link it should take you to the photo album.
If you click the link again you should get the true full size image.

Makeup Artist Required Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/09/05 - 22:34 By Jean
Show Is there anyone reading this who is skilled in makeup and has ideas for pantomime characters.
Or do you know of anyone who would be intersted in helping Elaps out with the Cinderella production.
If so please come along to Elaps rehearsals on Thursday a evening or let Jean Makin know on 01509 854235

Cinderella has been cast Reply to this News Item Print this Topic E-Mail this Topic
Posted 2007/08/02 - 23:54 By Jazz
Show Cinderella has now been cast, the cast is as follows:

Cinderella Eleanor B
Prince Larissa
Buttons Celestine
Dandini Richard
Producer Jarrod
Director Nicky Doherty
PC Sonya
Fairy Lesley Hesk
Umbrage Gill
Alf Paul
Sefty Jo Weston
Salmonella Kevin G
Diptheria Kevin S
Dobbin Tom H + Nadia
Handymen Phil B + Shaun
Teletubbies Emma Jarman + Emily Beach

The Very Important Villagers are also split up dependent on the scene:

Scene 1

1: Tom B
2: Martin B
3: Eleanor T
4: Lois
5: Mary
6: Patricia

Scene 4

6: Lauren B

Scene 7

1: Bethan
2: Daisy
3: Eleanor G

Scene 9 (singing with Cinderella)

1: Bethan
2: Daisy
3: Eleanor G

Act 2 Scene 1

1: Tom B
2: Mary
4: Lillie
5: Sally H
6: Lauren M

Act 2 Scene 6

1: Tom B
2: Sophie F
3: Eleanor T
4: Sally H
5: Mary
6: Patricia

There are even more roles:

The "scissor handlers"

Lucy W, Abbie, Eilish H


Lucy W, Christopher B, Amber F, Bradley, Barney + Others.

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned.
The rehearsal dates are all on the Calendar up to the show itself, including the 6 Sundays and the dress rehearsal the Tuesday of the show week.

Be sure to keep checking this site for updates, there will be plenty more to come.

Additionally, I have attached a MS Excel file of the schedule

cinderella schedule 260607.xls
 Description:  Schedule, updated 1st Aug 07
 Filename:  cinderella schedule 260607.xls
 Filesize:  32.5 KB
 Downloaded:  867 Time(s)